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Beading Bracelet Tutorial Madison

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The tutorial contains 12 pages of illustrated photos with complete explanations.

-Single needle
-Right Angle Weave
- Basic beading technique
- Modified Right Angle Weave

You will need 
size 11 seed beads 
Size 8 seed beads
SuperDuo beads in 2 different colors
Silky beads
Size 8 seed beads
Clasp of your choice
beading needle 
beading thread
tight tension

You can use the colors shown, they are noted in the tutorial along with suggestions where you can purchase the beads or you can use your own color choice. 
Amount of beads noted are for a 8 1/2" bracelet. The bracelet will measure the length that you need X 3/4 inch wide. 
This will make a great gift or make one for yourself. 
Happy Beading!

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